The PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System: A 6-Dye Multiplex for Evolving Global Standards
Now Available On DemandDuration: 60 Minutes The webinar will introduce the PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System, a 6-color STR system that simultaneously amplifies 23 autosomal loci, three Y-STR loci, and Amelogenin. The twenty required and three recommended expanded CODIS core loci are combined with Penta D, Penta E, DYS570, and DYS576 to give this system a discriminatory power that is unmatched by any other commercially available STR system. With DYS391 and ten autosomal loci being less than 250 bases, the additional genetic information obtained with this 27-loci STR system will be extremely useful for analyzing degraded samples, where even a partial profile would be informative. To improve laboratory workflow efficiency, this system is designed for use with both casework samples as well as reference and database samples. We invite you to join us as our expert shares his insights on: Direct amplification of blood or buccal samples on multiple substrate types such as FTA® paper, nonFTA paper, and swabs eliminates the need for extraction and quantification, which saves time and money. How to further improve efficiency, automation methods are available for multiple liquid handling platforms which result in over 95% first-pass success rate and minimize potential cross-contamination. Sample data from both casework and database workflows. Preliminary developmental data such as sensitivity, inhibitor resistance, peak height ratio, and mixture samples. Speaker:Marty Ensenberger, PhDSenior Research ScientistPromega Corporation