Extraction of Drugs of Abuse Using a Mixed-Mode SPE Sorbent
Now Available On DemandDuration: 60 Minutes Today’s forensic/toxicology laboratory faces numerous challenges in the task of identifying and quantifying drugs of abuse and pharmaceuticals in a wide range of sample types. From unpredictable sample consistency and makeup to an ever-changing list of designer drugs and controlled substances, analytical challenges require a range of solutions to ensure the right answer is achieved. Bond Elut Certify mixed mode sorbents takes advantage of non-polar, polar, and ion exchange properties to ensure rapid, reproducible, simple, and clean extraction of many drug classes. Because Bond Elut Certify exhibits a variety of sorbent-analyte interactions, it can be used either as a general clean-up approach across a range of drug classes, or employed for specific extractions for instrumental confirmation of drugs and metabolites. This webinar will address in detail the method optimization parameters that effect extraction of drugs of abuse namely: sample pretreatment, bed mass, sample size, conditioning, column washing, drying and elution. We invite you to join us as our expert shares her insights on: Getting the most out of your Solid phase extraction technique Optimum SPE parameters to achieve highest recovery and cleanliness Certified SPE methods and protocols for drug testing Speaker:Dr. Joan StevensSPE Applications ScientistAgilent Technologies