The Time, Man-Power and Logistical Solution to a Mobile Forensic World
Watch On Demand When it comes to today's big data world, we know there are not enough examiners, security analysts and IT professionals that can manage the onslaught of data from mobile devices. Every company now deals with BYOD (Bring your Own Device), company issued devices or in some instances even both. These companies struggle to enforce policies to keep the data within those devices safe.  By trying to enforce these policies, they rely on Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems that fall short in the event an incident occurs.  When an incident or a threat is identified, a physical collection of the device is usually needed. What happens if the incident requires the physical extraction of hundreds of devices located all over the world? In this webinar, learn how to capture the data from remote compromised devices and bring that data back for analysis utilizing an industry first, mobile data acquisition portable solution.  Speaker: Lee ReiberDirector of Mobile Forensics