Confirm Unknown Substances – Where and When You Need To
Watch on Demand Rapidly detect, identify, and monitor unknown substances - anywhere…The need for at-site, rapid, reliable analysis of unknown compounds and materials is critical in forensic, environmental, homeland security and military applications.  Agilent now provides key technologies that are optimized for at-site analysis and enable sampling of solids, liquids, air, gels, foods, and even blood.  Results can be obtained in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes when and where you need answers. With Agilent's mobile GC/MS, and FTIR analytical instruments, lab quality results enable confident analysis in the field providing responders and law enforcement personnel the information they need to make quick and accurate decisions. In the homeland security and military fields rapid detection and identification of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) is essential. In forensic and investigative fields, the speed and accuracy of results are critical. Whether testing for poisons in a forensics investigation, analyzing explosives and their residues or checking a crime scene for illicit drugs and their precursors, Agilent now offers robust mobile measurement solutions.Value of At Site Analysis for Homeland Security and Forensic Investigations:  Aid in establishing probable cause, allowing seizure of material for further analysis Reduce the audit trail and shorten the chain of evidence Enable real-time decisions about what to analyze and where to sample Identify the nature of a threat and establish perimeters for responders and civilians. Assess the progress of on-going decontamination operations and confirm remediation of the incident site. Aid personnel involved in border control, corporate safety, mail room and post office security Support the identification and seizure of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and related chemicals Analyze toxic industrial chemicals, chemical agents, white powders, and explosives Speakers: Dr. Alan ReinMobile Measurement Business Development & Commercialization Manager (Mobile FTIR) Agilent Technologies   Thomas SzakasMobile Measurement Business Development & Commercialization Manager (Mobile GC and GC/MSD) Agilent Technologies