Informed Casework Sample Decisions for Downstream STR typing Using the PowerQuant™ System
Watch on Demand Forensic casework samples, are extremely variable in terms of DNA quantity and quality, and therefore, present unique challenges which require DNA analysts to determine the best possible workflow in order to achieve successful STR analyses. Using currently available quantification kits, the analyst relies on sensitive and accurate quantification values, Auto/Y ratio and IPC Ct shift values to: 1) determine the optimal amount of template in STR assay, 2) choose between running an autosomal and/or Y-STR assay and 3) detect inhibitor content in the sample. However, lack of information about the sample’s DNA quality makes it impossible to distinctly identify samples with low DNA integrity. Consequently, the approach most likely to produce an STR profile from challenging samples may be unclear, leading to repeated sample processing and amplification. To address this need, Promega has developed the PowerQuant™ System, a sensitive, robust quantification kit which incorporates an additional larger autosomal amplicon to monitor the integrity of a DNA in a sample.During the webinar, data will be presented which demonstrates sensitivity, reduced Auto/Y ratio variability, resistance to inhibitors, ability to detect DNA degradation, species specificity, and male specificity at various ratios of male to female DNA. Speaker: Anupama Gopalakrishnan, PhDProduct Specialist, Genetic IdentityPromega Corporation