SuperImager Plus 12" Rugged Field Unit with Dual Boot


It is a mobile, compact an extremely fast Forensic Imaging unit that can serve as a complete Field Computer Forensic Investigation platform. The unit is running under Linux Ubuntu OS which reduce the OS performance overhead especially when it perform compression by almost 20%.
The unit can be used to perform: Forensic Imaging with full E01 compression (16 parallel compression engines), Erase data includes DoD, Security Erase, and Enhanced Security Erase protocols, view the data directly on Ubuntu Desktop, Encrypt data on the fly and more .The user can boot the unit to Window 7 Pro (in dual boot mode) to run Cellphones data extractions and analysis, Triage data collections, and full forensic analysis such Encase/Nuix/FTK.

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The unit can be used as a Field Forensic Imaging device, Cellphone data extractions, Triage data collections, and as Virtual Drive Emulator The unit is very compact, lightweight, and easy to carry...