CRU, with its WiebeTech line of forensics and eDiscovery products for digital data capture and digital investigation, announces the new CRU WiebeTech Ditto Forensic FieldStation, a digital imaging device configured, administered, and operated over a network via computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, networked preview simplifies forensic acquisition to provide sophisticated remote examination of data sources so only pertinent data is acquired.

Government agencies, public organizations, and private companies concerned with conducting efficient cyber and digital investigations are able to do their work more efficiently while protecting their chain of custody. Ditto Forensic FieldStations can be deployed by non-forensics experts and administered and operated remotely by forensics specialists, saving time and money in data acquisition and transport.

“The Ditto Forensic FieldStation elevates the standard for digital data exploitation and data acquisition,” said Randal Barber, President and CEO of CRU. “Everyone we’ve talked to is excited to have Ditto play a role in properly securing information to expedite investigations conducted by the legal, government agency, military, and IT communities.”

The Ditto Forensic FieldStation has standalone drive imaging features that require no host computer to acquire data from many types of sources and file systems residing on hard disk drives, network file shares, and media cards. Data sources can be cloned or imaged to a variety of destinations, as well as to multiple target drives or network locations simultaneously—at the same performance level as to a single target. In addition, the Ditto unit can clone and image in a single pass of the source.

While the Ditto Forensic FieldStation creates new possibilities for investigative workflows, it easily integrates into existing processes, as well as with common forensic software such as Access Data’s FTK® platform or Guidance Software’s EnCase® suite of products.

Ditto administration provides role-based access, in which multiple users of the same Ditto unit are assigned unique profiles with appropriate user privileges and levels of access. In addition, automatic XML-based activity logs can be saved along with case information to track investigation activities.

In addition to its groundbreaking browser-based usage, the rugged and all-aluminum Ditto unit can be easily configured and operated from its straightforward menu system on the unit itself. The quiet, fan-free Ditto Forensic FieldStation has a night vision, lights-out mode to easily accommodate nighttime or other stealth data acquisition efforts.

Customers can invest in the Ditto Forensic FieldStation for the long term since new features and functions are added through firmware updates available from the CRU Web site, and new device interfaces can be incorporated with durable, slide-on metal modules.

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