MSAB's XAMN Spotlight 2.0 is a product designed with the needs of the modern investigator in mind. It is built for finding and analyzing data faster, more efficiently and expediently. Powerful new features are included in the spotlight, such as search filters. Enhanced views help investigators improve speed and accuracy, a new Source Mode was integrated to verify hex data, the ability to pivot investigations around individual artifacts, and multi-monitor support, make up some of the many upgrades.

As the amount of data in smartphones steadily increases, investigators are tasked with sifting through thousands of messages and gigabytes of information to find the relevant facts. This is only getting harder to achieve.

Spotlight is the flagship tool in the new suite of XAMN analysis products. Spotlight is a replacement for the XRY Reader and has evolved to become much more powerful. Spotlight 2.0 includes four different views, each of which displays different aspects of the case.

Other features include:
• Review of multiple XRY extractions in one application
• Source Mode to allow review of original hex data
• Powerful filter search capabilities
• Power tagging
• Quick views
• Extensive reporting functionality
• Intuitive user interface
• Multi-Monitor support