New York City - Circa 2016: NYPD sleeve patch shield on a police officer patrol in Manhattan. (Photo: BravoKiloVideo/

The City Council received new proposals to consider for the New York Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, less than a month after a Department of Investigation’s report said the NYPD’s sex crimes force was understaffed and under trained.

The Council’s Committees on Public Safety and Women held a joint hearing Monday with proposals on updating how the NYPD handles of sex crimes investigations, including changes aimed at improving the availability of proper training and resources.

At the end of March, the DOI released a report showing the NYPD Special Victims Division is using outdated case management software and inappropriate squad locations for victims. In 2017, the SVD reportedly had just 67 detectives overseeing 5,661 cases.

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan countered those claims by saying 20 officers added to the SVD last week brings the current active total to 238 across the city.

When discussing the issue, things got testy at City Hall as some of the NYPD’s top brass butted heads with council-members for hours.

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