Ceiling fans spun quietly above a Schleicher County courtroom, as a San Angelo man faced charges Friday in a fatal hit-and-run that killed a developmentally disabled woman.

Relatives of both Michael Gary Keene and Gisele Rene Jarmon, about 20 people, showed up to hear the case on the third day of trial.

The building’s aged-wooden floor and plastic chairs creaked whenever someone moved.

Keene, 23, is accused of manslaughter and accident involving death after police found Jarmon, 23, dead in the eastbound lanes of the Houston Harte frontage road's 4500 block June 16, 2015, court documents state.

Keene faces punishment of five to 20 years in prison, or probation. A jury of seven women and five men were impaneled Wednesday.

51st District Judge Barbara Walther repeatedly told attorneys and witnesses to speak up so the jury could hear, as there is no speaker system available. 

A forensic biologist from Fort Worth testified she found DNA belonging to two people on Keene's damaged windshield.

She said Jarmon cannot be excluded as a contributor. 

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