A foot doctor helped solve a violent robbery in Wayne County. More than a year after the crime, three men are now behind bars, thanks to Dr. Michael Nirenberg.

Now, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is being credited for being the first in the United States to use this different methodology and also lead to a conviction.

“It was a pretty brutal robbery really,” Sheriff Ric Wilson told News 2.

Surveillance video from Jan. 4, 2017 shows three masked men armed with guns violently entering Berry’s Package Store. One of the gunmen hit the owner over the head, terrifying customers, before robbing the store.

“As far as planned robberies go, this one was planned very well. They were in and out in a minute and 38 seconds,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Wilson told News 2 they were grasping for straws for leads to solve the robbery.

“These people were masked, they had gloves on, we had no finger prints, nothing to get DNA, no facial identification what so ever,” he explained.

After analyzing video for hours, detectives believed they had a suspect, a customer from the day before.

“He has a distinct walk,” the sheriff noted.

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