Picture is of the accused – courtesy of the Kenner Police Department

An autopsy and some follow-up detective work disproved a woman’s account of an accidental self-inflected gunshot death of her boyfriend on Christmas Eve in suburban Louisiana, authorities said.

Dominique Kendra Wix, 29, is now being held without bond on a count of manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend Akoya Skeith, 25, in their home in Kenner, La., a city in Jefferson Parish just west of New Orleans.

A shooting was reported at 245 Clemson Place on Dec. 24, at 12:30 a.m., the Kenner police said. Skeith was found bleeding in the residence. He was rushed to University Medical Center New Orleans’ trauma center – but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Wix told investigators that Skeith had been removing a handgun from his waistband when he accidently shot himself in the abdominal area.

The autopsy performed on Tuesday, Dec. 26, told a different story, according to authorities.

The lack of gunshot stippling – and the angle at which the fatal single shot must have been fired – disproved the story of a self-inflicted wound, the police said.

“It was found that a projectile had entered the lower left side of Skeith’s abdomen and exited approximately three inches higher from his right torso,” they said in a statement. “Skeith was also found to have a graze wound, presumable from the projectile on his left arm. It was determined at autopsy that the location of the gunshot wound, the trajectory of the projectile, and the lack of marks from discharging a firearm at close range, that Skeith did not fire the weapon.”

(Contact gunshot wounds cause ragged wounds as a result of expanding gases and flames from a muzzle, according to the textbook Practical Homicide Investigation by Vernon Geberth. If the gunshot did indeed come from a contact distance, the entry wound would be larger than the diameter of the bullet, and it would look dirty because of residues, according to Geberth’s findings). 

The day following the autopsy, Wix was brought into the Kenner Police Department headquarters. When presented with the forensic reevaluation of the fatal shot, Wix allegedly changed her account of her boyfriend’s death.

First she admitted she had fabricated the initial account of the shooting because of fear, police said.

Her first story indicated that the two were in their upstairs bedroom when Skeith made an aggressive move toward her while wearing the gun his waistband – so she grabbed her own 9mm handgun from an end table and shot him.

The second story then claimed she had only pointed the weapon at Skeith in a “playing” manner and accidentally pulled the trigger – and there was no argument or fight at the time, police added.

Wix was arrested at the station, and was charged with manslaughter, without bond being set.