An artist's sketch of an unidentified deceased woman, NamUs Case 9457, who was discovered in Oregon in 1996. (Image: Courtesy of NamUs)

She was wrapped in a tarp, bound with rope and likely dumped in a very rural location of Polk County. Her body was found September 1, 1996, but it may have been there for quite a while, maybe 2 years. She has never been identified.

“Our biggest question for us is, who is she? What’s her first and last name?” said Dr. Nici Vance, a forensic anthropologist with the Oregon State Police Medical Examiner Division. “When we determine that, then we can figure out who she was last seen with, who her family members are, where she last resided, in Oregon or maybe somewhere else, maybe another state.”

The woman’s body was discovered by hunters on the south side of a truck turnout off a logging road known as Panther Creek Road in rural Polk County. She was found about 75 feet from the turnoff, down an embankment.

As with other unidentified persons, this woman has some identifiable characteristics to help forensic investigators.

She was between the ages of 45 and 65. She was 5-foot-3, had dark brown hair that was turning grey, and she had an upper plate of dentures — though she had no dentures in her mouth when she was found.

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