Forensic officers cover the body of a man shot dead on the outskirts of Acapulco in Guerrero, Mexico, April 15, 2016. (Photo: AP/Enric Marti)

A protest by government workers in a drug-violence-stricken southern Mexican city over rotting corpses at the municipal morgue temporarily closed a prosecutor's office on Tuesday, officials said.

"We can no longer tolerate the odors, so work can't be done," one of the workers told Mexican newspaper Reforma.

A protest by about 60 workers forced the office in Chilpancingo, the capital of southern Guerrero state, to close for about three hours.

The protesters complained that overcrowding was causing unsanitary conditions at the facility, according to Reuters. Media reports said at least 500 corpses were stored in the morgue. According to Reforma, the morgue has a capacity of 200 bodies but was 400 bodies overcapacity.

A photo posted on Twitter by a reporter based in Chilpancingo, seen below, showed morgue technicians working in open air among body bags and examination tables.

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