Solving out the mysteries of drowning cases in Punjab would now become much easier. The Punjabi University has come out with new findings that will help to trace the exact location of drowning in a particular river, canal, lake, pond or any other water body.

In its recent research conducted the department of forensic science in Punjabi university has found that diatoms, a microscopic algae present in waterbodies, varies at different locations of same river or canal.

A few years back the university had proved in its study that in different waterbodies the diatom species are varying.

When the body is drowned these diatom species enters into the lungs and the bone marrow. The diatom test is conducted during the autopsy. This test is considered as an auxiliary evidence in the determination of the cause of death in body found in the water.

Earlier it was possible to trace the facts of a manner of the death and in which particular waterbody the body was drowned.

However the new study will help in identifying the exact location of drowning in the particular river, canal, lakes or pond. The recent study of variations of diatoms was conducted in Bhakra Main Branch where the samples were taken from five different locations of the canal.

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