(Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

A retired police lieutenant pulled no punches Wednesday while testifying that Memphis Police Department supervisors condoned widespread neglect and incompetence in sex crimes investigations.

Among allegations, former Lt. Cody Wilkerson said detectives at times failed to investigate cases even after the state crime lab produced DNA matches on suspects.

The 26-year MPD veteran who retired in 2015 after several years as a sex crimes detective, including three on MPD's DNA squad investigating cold-case rapes, offered an especially harsh critique of Col. Marcus Worthy, who has served in the sex crimes unit.

"Every single investigator in the DNA unit, including myself, has (re-)investigated cases where Marcus Worthy did absolutely nothing on his cases. Yet he gets promoted to colonel. And then he’s put in charge over the DNA unit that’s re-investigating cases where he did absolutely nothing.''

Lawyers representing the city declined to comment on Wilkerson's allegations as they left the hearing. Worthy did not immediately respond to a reporter's phone message left Wednesday afternoon at the Ridgeway Station precinct, where he now serves as commander.

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