The opioid epidemic gripping our country is of growing concern and as we have reported - Idaho is not immune.

The heroin epidemic is reaching startling heights.

Idaho State Police says the number of substances testing positive for heroin at the forensic services lab has increased by nearly a thousand percent over the last five years. It's created a staggering caseload that's starting to take a toll.

Matthew Gamette, the Director of the Forensic Services Lab at the Idaho State Police headquarters, says they're doing absolutely everything they can to stay on top of the flood of cases.

They have analysts working overtime to get through this caseload. However, the sheer volume is threatening to overwhelm their lab, which has only seven drug analysts for the entire state.

"Anything that we're moving forward with prosecution needs to be tested," said Major Bill Gardiner with the Idaho State Police said.

Last month alone, the Idaho State Police Forensic Services Lab handled 875 drug cases.

"We do work for county, local and state agencies all over Idaho," said Gamette.

With the current rate of heroin seizures still trending upwards, the lab is starting to get stretched thin.

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