A forensic sketch of "baby Jane Doe," a young child whose remains were found in the attic of a vacant home after the house was destroyed by a fire. Authorities say the child is a black female who is estimated to be between the ages of 9 months and 2 years. (Image: Courtesy of the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office)

Cook County authorities trying to identify a baby found dead in the wreckage of a fire at a vacant south suburban home last month think they know what she looked like. 

On Thursday, the Cook County medical examiner’s office released a sketch of what forensic experts believe the child, believed to be a black girl younger than 2, might have looked like. 

The fire broke out just before 6 a.m. July 3 at a vacant home in the 15400 block of Hamlin in Markham, according to Markham Police Chief Mack Sanders. The girl’s body was found in the attic.

The baby, listed as “baby Jane Doe” because no one has come forward to claim her remains, has yet to be identified, according to the medical examiner’s office. 

Earlier this month, authorities said autopsy findings and a radiology examination “determined the deceased is a black female whose age is estimated from around 9 months up to about 2 years old.” 

Cause and manner of death are pending further investigation, the medical examiner’s office said. 

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