This facial reconstruction of 19th century Scottish killer John Howison by forensic artist Hayley Fisher is on display at the Maltings Interpretation Centre in the village of Cramond, where Howison committed his crimes. (Image: Hayley Fisher, Courtesy of the City of Edinburgh Council)

The face of a 19th century murderer has been revealed using modern forensic techniques.

John Howison, known as the Cramond Murderer following a brutal killing in the village in 1831, is the subject of a new museum exhibition.

Howison's case involved two legal landmarks, the plea of insanity entered on his behalf is believed to have been the first time such a plea was made in a British court.

This failed to spare him execution, and he was the last criminal whose body was handed over to the Edinburgh University to be dissected for medical science before the practice was outlawed.

A lifelike recreation of Howison's face made by a forensic artist will go on display next to a replica of his skull at Cramond's Maltings Interpretation Centre, in the north west of Edinburgh.

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