The arrest of Blake A. Russell (left) for the murder of 19-year-old Sierra Bouzigard was announced yesterday by authorities, who say Russell is a DNA match to the crime scene. A tip based on a DNA "snapshot" image (right), produced by Parabon NanoLabs through their DNA phenotyping technology, helped lead to an arrest, police say. (Images: Courtesy of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)

An arrest has been made in the 2009 killing of Sierra Bouzigard, whose body was found on John Koonce Road in Moss Bluff, Louisiana.

After Bouzigard's death, the case went cold. But Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso announced Monday that a match has been made through DNA.

Blake A. Russell is charged with second-degree murder in her death. Russell was arrested Monday morning in DeQuincy. Judge Clayton Davis set bond at $2 million.

Russell's arrest followed a tip based on a sketch the Sheriff's Office released in September 2015, Sheriff Tony Mancuso said in an interview Monday.

The sketch and a characteristic profile were built by Parabon Nanolabs using DNA at the scene. The DNA had already been placed in CODIS, but a match had not been found. Mancuso said detectives had tried a number of things in the hopes of solving the case before receiving the DNA snapshot.

The sketch of a white male changed the previous thinking that Bouzigard's killer was a Hispanic male. Bouzigard was with several Hispanic males the night she died.

Myers said the case is the first time the new technology has been used in Louisiana.

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