A sketch of what "Julie Doe," a transgender woman found dead in a rural area of Lake County, Florida in 1988, may have looked like. (Image: Courtesy of the Lake County Sheriff's Office)

Tamara Dale feels like she knows “Julie Doe.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office sergeant has been investigating the 30-year-old cold case for about two years — but has yet to learn Julie’s real name.

Dale’s interest in the mystery spiked after the remains were tested again as part of a statewide initiative to revisit unsolved cases.

Advances in technology revealed the victim in the 1988 case was not a woman who officials originally thought had given birth to multiple children, but instead a transgender woman who was born biologically male.

Dale, 37, said the bizarre mixup sent them back to square one.

But so far nothing has led to the woman’s identity or why she was found dead 30 feet off County Road 474 in a rural area of southern Lake County in between State Road 33 and U.S. Highway 27.

The person found had breast implants and was taking hormones, which led to the misidentification. She is estimated as being between 24 and 33 years old.

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