The Los Angeles County Coroner Building. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A new Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has been named to lead one of the busiest morgues in the nation, and he is expected to be formally appointed by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Dr. Jonathan Lucas, 49, recently served as chief deputy medical examiner in San Diego County. He is expected to start his position at an annual salary of $350,000.

Lucas has 16 years of forensic pathology experience, according to a letter sent to the board by the county’s chief executive office.

“Dr. Lucas personally performed over 4,000 forensic autopsies and supervised over 500 forensic autopsies,” according to the CEO’s letter. “He also held the position of Deputy Medical Examiner II with San Diego County.”

Lucas also served as a medical examiner for New York City’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner, where he performed 548 forensic autopsies, the CEO noted. He holds a medical degree from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from UC Riverside.

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