A Google Street View image of Kentucky River Regional Jail, where inmate Larry Trent was beaten to death in July 2013. Former guard William Curtis Howell faces sentencing for charges related to the death. (Image: Courtesy of Google)

A former guard at a Kentucky jail was convicted of federal counts in the beating death of a pretrial detainee, authorities announced.

William Curtis Howell faces 10 years or more in prison, for two counts: using excessive force resulting in bodily injury and deliberate indifference resulting in bodily injury, according to U.S. Department of Justice.

Howell was convicted after a four-day trial, and 90 minutes of jury deliberation.

The charges stem from the beating death of 54-year-old Larry Trent on July 9, 2013 at the Kentucky River Regional Jail in eastern Kentucky.

Howell and another jailer, Damon Wayne Hickman, opened the door to Trent’s cell to remove a sleeping mat from inside, according to authorities.

Trent allegedly ran out of his cell, and Howell tased the prisoner. Hickman kicked Trent in the ribs. When Trent was hauled back into his cell, he seized the taser from the two guards. After Trent was subdued by them and other jailers, Howell and Hickman apparently punched, kicked and stomped the prisoner as he was held down and defenseless on the floor.

Howell gave the motionless Trent one last kick in the head before closing the cell door, according to authorities.

Trent’s face and head were covered in blood. After the beating, blood was in the detox hallway, the booking area and on the deputies involved in the assault, they added. The two jailers deliberately failed to provide the prisoner with medical attention, authorities alleged.

Four hours later, another jail employee discovered Trent, blood-covered and still unmoving. Emergency personnel were called, and Trent was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Trent was in custody for a DUI charge, authorities added. The Kentucky River Regional Jail houses pretrial detainees from Perry and Knott counties.

The investigation was conducted by the Kentucky State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Hickman pleaded guilty last year in the beating death of Trent. He testified against Howell in the four-day trial.

But Hickman has also been charged in another assault that took place in 2012. A third jailer, Kevin Asher, was convicted of two federal counts in that separate beating last month. (That inmate, who was behind bars after his arrest for a misdemeanor disorderly persons charge, also received no medical treatment for his injuries, but he survived).

Howell’s sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 16, 2017. Hickman, the other jailer, is also scheduled for an August sentencing, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for Eastern Kentucky.