The eyeglasses that were left at the scene of a road rage murder in January 2000 near Atlanta, Georgia. Police believe they may hold the key to identifying a suspect in the case. (Photo: Courtesy of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office)

An old pair of eyeglasses may help solve a road-rage murder from 17 years ago.

Police believe the unique glasses, found at the murder scene along I-75, belong to the killer.

Now detectives are stepping up their investigation of this cold case.

"He was built like a big bear," said Pat Duron of her late-husband, Chris. "He was hard-working, he was a really, good person, he'd do anything for you.... He was a boxer when he was younger.  And he did have a temper."

Duron is working harder than ever to find her husband's killer.

"He didn't deserve to die just because he got out to fight with somebody," she said. "It may be the last chance," now, to solve the case.

It was Chris Duron's temper that got him into a road-rage fist-fight and fueled his right hook, knocking the eyeglasses off his killer.  The glasses were found next to Chris' body.

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