It's mute testimony to the opioid addiction plague that has been ravaging Ohio — a 20-foot-long air conditioned trailer with room for 18 bodies.

The Stark County coroner in Canton had a "cold storage mass casualty trailer" trucked-in on Saturday because the morgue was overflowing with bodies, nearly half of them victims of drug overdoses.

Their facility in the county jail complex on Atlantic Boulevard holds about a dozen bodies, Stark County investigator Rick Walters told NBC News. Four more arrived unexpectedly at the close of business Friday.

"It wasn't just suspected drug overdoses," he said. "There were several traffic fatalities. Our problems were multi-faceted."

But drug overdoses, Walter said, "is clearly a problem."

"We're up 20 percent this year," he said. "Our suicide rate is also up. The drug problem is costing us a significant amount of money. We're spending five digits every month on toxicology tests."

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