If you missed the latest Research for the Real World seminar on wrongful convictions, there's good news! The presentation, "Wrongful Convictions: The Latest Scientific Research and Implications for Law Enforcement" by Dr. Jon Gould and John Firman is now available to view online.

Gould presents findings from a three-year project that focused on finding the causes of wrongful convictions through empirical methods. Gould focuses on discussing which factors in the investigation and legal process could mean the difference between a "near miss," which is a case where an innocent defendant is acquitted or has the charges dropped before trial, and a wrongful conviction. Firman discusses how these distinguishing factors affect the law enforcement and investigation process.

Gould is a professor of law, justice and society and Director of the Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research at American Univ.

Firman is the Director of the Research Division of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He helped create and currently manages the National Law Enforcement Policy Summit Series for the IACP.

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Source: NIJ