By Mike Anton

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department/April 28, 2013 James Stockwell rebranded himself as Jimmy Casino and operated the Mustang Topless Theater in Santa Ana. His slaying in 1987 was the opening salvo in a battle for control of the Santa Ana strip club, which grossed $150,000 a month and had ties to organized crime. Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department/April 28, 2013

He was a smooth-talking swindler who operated Orange County's most notorious and lucrative strip club, the Mustang Topless Theater.

Born James Stockwell, he rebranded himself Jimmy Casino and lived the extravagant lifestyle of a character from an Elmore Leonard novel. Expensive cowboy couture. Luxury cars. Enemies who wanted him dead.

After years of staying a step ahead of the law and the people whom he owed money, Casino, 48, was ambushed at his Buena Park condo in 1987.

Two gunmen raped Casino's 22-year-old girlfriend. Then they pumped three bullets into the back of his head with a silencer-equipped handgun before making off with credit cards, fur coats, jewelry and two of his cars.

For more than two decades, Casino's death remained one of Orange County's most intriguing unsolved crimes. But investigators kept the heat on the cold case. In 2008, using DNA matching technology not available at the time of the shooting, they arrested 59-year-old Richard Morris Jr. in Hawaii, charging him with murder.

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Source: Los Angeles Times