Introduction to Composite Art exposes students to all aspects of getting a composite art unit started, the tools of the trade, interview techniques specific to the skill, and it emphasizes the transition of selected reference images by a victim or witness into a composite image with a heightened degree of effectiveness — 40 hours of training in all.

The student will be supplied with selected readings regarding composite artist ethics, victim/witness interviewing techniques, drawing techniques, general historical information and anthropological information specific to the needs of a composite artist.

Equipment supplied to complete an effective composite image to include: drawing and reference materials as well as materials that will assist the requesting agencies ability to effectively transmit the image.

Each student will complete a pre-instruction facial image, be introduced to a technique of beginning a facial drawing that was created specifically for the needs of composite image making and participate in a demanding drawing schedule that will expose the student to the description-to-drawing experience of male and female faces of European and African descent.

Proficiency will be determined by completing a composite image that demonstrates his/her ability to effectively capture a suspect likeness after thoroughly interviewing an arranged victim/witness that has been exposed to a known “suspect” image.

The course is offered by the Douglas County Sheriff Forensic Services Division in Omaha, Neb., and is instructed by Charles Jackson, Patrolman/Forensic Artist on Monday April 08, 2013 – Friday April 12, 2013 (8am – 4 pm) at the Douglas County Sheriff Forensic Services Division 15345 West Maple Road Omaha, Neb. 402-444-6625

The 2012/2013 Course fee is $650.00 per person.

For further information on hotel accommodation, general directions, and course registration please contact: CSI Supervisor Robert “Justin” Aumann, Douglas County Sheriff Forensic Services Division, Omaha, Neb. 402-510-5139

Source: Douglas County