By Rick Montgomery

Courtesy of Rich Sugg/The Kansas City Star The bodies of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock were exhumed last month at Mount Muncie cemetery in Lansing. They're back in fresh graves, side by side, while DNA testing is underway. The cemetery manager is Gene Kirby. Courtesy of Rich Sugg/The Kansas City Star

The keeper of Mount Muncie Cemetery wondered whether someone was pulling a cold-blooded prank.

The cemetery’s most infamous occupants, killers Perry E. Smith and Richard E. Hickock, had been resting for nearly half a century when officers appeared and presented a search warrant to Gene Kirby.

Kirby, the Mount Muncie manager, directed investigators to the side-by-side graves of the executed murderers, who were immortalized in Truman Capote’s 1966 masterwork “In Cold Blood.”

Police manned entrances to keep gawkers away. In just a few hours, both graves were exhumed and bone fragments bagged for DNA testing.

The corpses never left the cemetery. And yet the pair’s heinous legacy — the Clutter-family slayings in Holcomb in November 1959 — had again made news.

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Source: The Wichita Eagle