By Michael Wilson

Courtesy of Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times A worker cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy on Rockaway Beach in Queens, above, found the body of a man that showed signs of blunt trauma and was stuffed in a garbage bag. Courtesy of Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

A forester working for New York City’s parks department made a horrifying discovery, beside a huge pile of fallen trees destined for the wood chipper.

A dead man.

And with that discovery, add this to the huge list of troubles Hurricane Sandy has brought to the neighborhoods hit hardest: wreckage from the storm seems to have created inviting spots for killers to dump bodies.

Hours after the discovery, in Forest Park in Queens, a second body was found on storm-ravaged Rockaway Beach. Workers cleaning up around O’Donohue Park heard a shriek from one of their own, standing over a dune near the shoreline. There, a man’s elbow protruded from the cold sand.

There is no evidence the cases are related, but they appear to be the first victims discarded in the changing landscape that followed the storm’s landfall — places where people, especially the police, might not think to look.

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Source: The New York Times