By Michael McFall

Courtesy of Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune Microbial-Vac Systems VP of Engineering and Operations Wayne Carlsen demonstrates how to use the M-Vac System at the West Jordan Police Department Wednesday October 24, 2012. Courtesy of Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune

The wet vacuum made by Jared Bradley’s company was designed to suck bacteria off food — until he described it to his FBI friend, who coveted such a tool for crime scene investigation.

Now Sorenson Forensics, a private DNA-testing lab that aids Utah law enforcement, is using the M-Vac to suck up DNA from crime scene evidence to help close cases. They have already used Microbial-Vac Systems’ vacuum — a little blue and white nozzle hooked to a larger machine on wheels that filters and stores the collected evidence — on at least three cases in the state, said Cami Green, sales manager for the lab.

Since those cases have not yet been closed, she declined to specifically identify them. But the vacuum has been used mostly on clothing, and it’s helping, Green said.

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Source: The Salt Lake Tribune