By Marc Larocque

A Taunton, Mass., man recently submitted a sample of his DNA as part of an effort by the Department of Defense to identify dozens of unidentified sailors who perished during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Courtesy of Taunton Gazette/Mike Gay. The DNA kit provided to Al Siegfried by the Department of the Navy. Courtesy of Taunton Gazette/Mike Gay.

In mid-April, Al Siegfried received a letter from the Navy informing him that his DNA was needed. While Siegfried knows very little about his uncle, George Price, who died on the U.S.S. Oklahoma and doesn’t expect to find out more through the tests, he hopes his efforts can bring comfort to other families with relatives on the ship who never returned to them.

“It’s just fascinating,” said Siegfried, while conducting an oral DNA swab with the kit the Department of the Navy had mailed to him. “I’m hoping to get some kind of results. It’s to help bring closure to the dead and the relatives as well through a process of elimination.”

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Source: Taunton Daily Gazette