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Best Forensic Products of 2014

By Rebecca Waters
Forensic Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for the Best Forensic Products of the Year celebrate excellence in product design and performance for tools, equipment, and materials used in all areas of forensic investigation and analysis. A panel of Forensicsubscribers selected the products that they found to be most effective and trusted in their work. Congratulations to our winners!


Mobile Device Search and Seizure in a Post-Riley World

By Christa Miller
The United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Riley v. US may not have been much of a surprise to American law enforcement. Many agencies were already requiring officers to obtain search warrants before searching mobile devices. Ultimately, rather than limiting law enforcement, the Riley decision frees agencies to deploy mobile data extraction capabilities across a much wider field of officers.

Cold Hit

By Detective Lindsey Wade
Using DNA collected from convicted sex offenders has been instrumental in solving long-dormant sexual assault and homicide cases. Despite nearly universal laws requiring convicted sex offenders to provide a DNA sample, the rules for how and when those samples are collected could be a significant roadblock for cold case detectives around the country.


Casting: Essentials
By Dick Warrington


Who Is All Wet Now?
By Vince McLeod, CIH


EBOLA Outbreak
By Jinhee Lee and Matt Willmus


Streamlining the Digital Forensic Workflow: Part 3
By John J. Barbara