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Cybercrime: Uncovering a Silent Threat to Today’s Businesses
By Patrick Sweeney
If an organization does business anywhere on the Internet, it is likely not a question of if, but when it will be targeted by cybercriminals. As the economy begins to recover, the fact is cybercrime is going to proliferate—as cybercrime is a crime for the good times when businesses are flush with cash. 

Binary Executable Analysis Techniques for Embedded Systems
By Michael Barr
Where do you begin if you think a competitor has infringed your patented and/or copyrighted source code or misappropriated your software trade secrets? Might extracting a binary executable from the Flash/ROM memory at the heart of the competitor's product be a worthwhile investment? What, if anything, can be learned from a binary alone? That is the subject of this article on digital forensics and embedded software.

The Case for Teaching Network Protocols to Computer Forensics Examiners: Part 2
By Gary C. Kessler and Matt Fasulo
Awareness of network commands, general knowledge of Internet protocols, use of packet sniffing software, and familiarity with Web sites and programs that yield information from the DNS are essential tools for digital investigations. The capture and analysis of network traffic represents a future direction of digital investigations and is a significant departure from the current way of conducting traditional computer analysis. 

The Most Common Questions asked about Expert Witness Testimony
By Elaine M. Pagliaro
A relatively small but critical part of the forensic expert’s responsibilities involves testifying about the scientific basis of analyses, findings, and conclusions in court or during deposition. Credible experts must prepare thoroughly, demonstrating a command of the scientific knowledge associated with their areas of expertise.

Profile: Alissa Torres, Certified SANS Instructor
By Rebecca Waters
New readers are always asking us how to get into the digital forensics field. DFI News caught up with Alissa Torres, who worked her way from the Marine Corps to a position as a Certified SANS Instructor and an Incident Handler at Mandiant, to see how she made her start and what she can recommend to those wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Data Storage Issues
By John J. Barbara
The International Data Corporation indicated that the amount of global data created and replicated during 2012 was 2.7 Zettabytes. Cisco estimates that by 2017 the amount of global IP traffic will reach 1.4 Zettabytes a year.

Book Excerpt: Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard
By Brett Shavers
An investigator may be an expert in a physical crime scene, just as a forensic examiner may be an expert in an electronic crime scene, but both need to be aware of how the physical and electronic crime scenes interact with each other.

By Rebecca Waters
I was recently discussing with a friend the tragic case of Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year-old Canadian girl who killed herself in April after being taunted over a photo of her alleged rape by four boys. I noted that the problem with cyber-bullying is that it is relatively new and the legal system doesn’t entirely know how to address it.