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Year in Review
By Rebecca Waters
Here is a look at the top five articles of 2012. Take a moment to catch up on what you may have missed before we move into the new year.

Microsoft Windows 8: A Forensic First Look
By Josh Brunty 
Windows 8 retained many of the key artifacts that were present in earlier versions, however, its immersive experience also leans itself to artifacts nonexistent in previous releases.

A Common Foe: The Proliferation of Chinese Phones Sparks Innovation and Cooperation
By Kevin J. North
It is estimated that approximately 800 million cellular phones were produced in China in 2011, while this is great news for China’s massive cell phone industry, it presents a major challenge to forensic investigators.

The Wild West of Social Media Evidence Collection
By Gary Torgersen 
Due to inconsistencies in format, data collection from social networking sites and Webmail requires careful attention and adaptability to ensure evidence integrity.

Microsoft Windows Artifacts
By Jon R. Hansen
This article lists just few locations: the C:\Windows\Installer folder, Event Logs, and the Registry HIVES in the Registry Database. These artifacts are most helpful in digital forensics investigations and examinations.

Product Insight: Mobile Forensics Fights to Stay Ahead
By Tim Studt
Law enforcement groups are staying ahead of criminals’ ability to conceal information with the use of new data extraction tools. 

Mozilla Firefox Forensics
By John J. Barbara
At first glance the many versions of Firefox seem to present a difficult technical challenge to forensic analysis, however, throughout the version changes, there remain several constants that make this task somewhat easier.

Book Excerpt: Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices
When handling evidence from cell phones and other handheld devices, certain precautions must be taken from collection through analysis.