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About the Company

SceneSafe were developed by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) to design, manufacture and distribute a range of criminal
investigation evidence recovery systems to be used solely by the UK Police Services. In the 90's the FSS pioneered DNA evidence analysis and wanted to maintain a high level of quality in the products that were returned to the laboratories for analysis. SceneSafe communicated with every Police Force in the country and began to distribute a range of products to enhance the recovery, packaging and security of criminal evidence found at a scene.

FSS produced the requirement - SceneSafe designed, manufactured and distributed - Police used and sent back for analysis...

In 2013 SceneSafe were acquired by the WA Group. A group of companies focused on the delivery of quality forensic equipment and consumables to the UK Police sector. WA Group had been exporting globally for many years and servicing a wide network of International customers with its vast range of products. After the aquisition it was decided that SceneSafe would become the International arm of the group and service a global market increasing its range of products and services to specifically focus on the forensic market.

Over the last 2 years SceneSafe has been redeveloped offering 4 key areas of forensic policing to deliver a full turn project led solution. With the global reputation that SceneSafe have built up over time alongside the FSS we now have the ability to continue the work and innovation that has made us a pioneer in what we do.

SceneSafe continue to service the UK Police sector via WA Products (UK) Ltd and continue to design, manufacturer and distribute to all the UK Police Forces.

We still listen to our customers, we react and we deliver...