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About the Company

<p>ANAB is a non-government agency that provides lab accreditation to both public and private-sector companies. We are a provider of voluntary ISO 17025 accreditation, among many others. Companies apply for accreditation to strengthen their stance in our competitive environment and further ensure the quality of their goods and services to their customers.</p>

<p>By accrediting laboratories, inspections bodies, and other providers much like your doctor or your child's college, we ensure that all legal standards are being met. It is our job to make sure that these institutions and individuals are following standards and providing clients with their best work. We play an important role in securing the safety and quality of goods and services. With on-site training programs we teach other companies how to uphold to their industry standards and keep on top of their accreditation requirements.</p>

<p>ANAB is celebrating 25 years of being a leader in the accreditation development process and are consistently building value for our stakeholders.  </p>

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