Advanced Detection Solutions, LLC

Advanced Detection Solutions, LLC

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About the Company

Introducing FLATSCAN DF-80 DV (dual view), a revolutionary Whole Body Digital Forensic X-ray System with unique positioning that allows AP and Lateral image acquisition without any movement of the body. Whole body imaging in less than 1 minute. Completely shielded system protects the operator as well as other lab professionals from x-ray radiation. Variable generator power provides for best image of soft tissues and bones.

Some of FLATSCAN DF-80 DV features are as follows:

Superb image quality
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Cabinet x-ray system
No leaded room required
Can place the system anywhere you like – inside the lab
(Can also be used outside the lab – for disaster / mass fatality situations)
No need to wear radiation protective gear
Plug and X-ray
Independent / adjustable kV and mAs control buttons
For best image quality of bones and soft tissue
Measurement tools
(True) magnifying glass
ROI – region of interest
Allows (highlight on-screen - printable) discrimination / focus of bones or soft tissue
And more…

For a comprehensive list of FLATSCAN DF-80 DV - The ALL GREEN PRODUCT ADVANTAGE features and benefits, go to "Why choose FLATSCAN DF-80" at