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Here’s the forensic news you might have missed over the weekend, and what you’ll want to know to get you through your work week:

  • Cops Charged with Stealing Snacks after Pot Dispensary Raid

Three officers have been charged with stealing pot edibles after a raid of a Santa Ana, Calif. medical marijuana dispensary.

A video of the raid was posted to YouTube just weeks after, sparking an investigation by the district attorney.

The DA’s office said in a statement that there is no way of knowing the officers actually knew the bars were from the dispensary, and not their fellow officers, or that they consumed the edibles.

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  • Washington State Implements Unprecedented Rake-Kit Tracking System

As previously reported by Forensic Mag, Washington wants to become the first state to not only test all evidence kits, but implement a user-friendly system to help victims and activists track the kits from the hospital, to the evidence to room to the lab.

A bill was approved earlier this month.

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  • Alleged Evidence Tampering in Montana Minimal

The Montana Attorney General’s Office said that the impact of a terminated lab technician, accused of stealing prescription pills for up to nine months, has proven to be minimal, according to reports.

The office said that at least 50 cases have come into question state wide from September 2014 to July 2015.

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  • Lawyer and Investigator Brawl at California Courthouse

A defense lawyer was left with a broken nose and blistery black eye during an altercation with a D.A. investigator in a courthouse hallway, last week.

The altercation took place amid a scandal over the district’s use of jailhouse informants and related evidence.

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