Photo: Charles LeBlanc via Flickr LAPD have opened a new forensic investigation into one of the most enduring unsolved murder cases in American history.

Allegedly, a folding buck knife had been uncovered at OJ Simpson’s estate in the years following the infamous murders, but was never officially reported to police at the time, and has only recently come to the attention of authorities.

Police Capt. Andy Neiman confirmed the investigation into the knife to the AP, but stressed the authenticity of the story remains unknown.

What exact forensic examinations are underway is up for speculation, as well as, what sort of information the police might be looking for—both will likely be determined by the state and condition of the knife itself.

Police searched tirelessly for the murder weapon during the investigation, and allegedly had quite a few leads that all went cold. Prosecutors believed that they might have found the weapon—a 15-inch knife Simpson purchased before the murders—and had a coroner compare the wounds to the blade, according to the LA Times

The murder weapon was never found.

Today's report, first published by the tabloid outlet TMZ, claims a construction worker, who was demolishing the house, unearthed the knife and allegedly gave it to an off-duty police officer—a traffic cop who was working security at a movie shoot nearby. That police officer never handed the knife over as evidence, and instead took the knife home as some sort of souvenir. He retired earlier this year, and told colleagues about the knife, who reported it to their supervisors. The claims have not been independently verified. 

Simpson cannot be tried again in the murder case because of double jeopardy laws, and a piece of evidence, like a knife, that remained outside of a proper chain of custody for that long would probably have little value in a court of law.

Simpson is currently serving time, for a Nevada robbery and kidnapping conviction, at Lovelock Correctional Center, according to the Nevada DOC. He is eligible for parole in October 2017.

Will any new tantalizing clues be uncovered in America’s most captivating unsolved murder mystery? 

The Associated Press contributed to this report