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Happy Leap Year Day! Here’s the forensic news you might have missed over the weekend, and what you’ll want to know to get you through your work week:

  • Rape-Kit Advocates Call for Presidential Candidates to Address Backlog

A group of 15 rape survivors lobbying leaders to test the backlog of sealed rape kits on shelves nationwide are calling for presidential candidates to address the issue.

Read exclusive coverage by Forensic Magazine science writer Seth Augenstein.

  • Former Crime Lab Scientists Sue the New York State Police

Three former New York State Police scientists are suing the organization after alleging they were wrongfully terminated for identifying flaws in the current DNA testing lab.

Each of the three scientists had worked at the lab for 20 years, according to this report.

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  • Study Finds Consistent Link Between Violent Crime and Concealed-Carry Gun Permits

Another new study is alleging a link between concealed-carry gun permits and the rates of violent crimes in that community.

The paper, called "Firearm Violence and Effects on Concealed Gun Carrying: Large Debate and Small Effects," found a consistent link between the two, although that idea is highly contested and debated.

The paper was published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

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  • Investigators Say Amanda Duffy Murder Trial Could Have Been Proven

Investigators in the UK, who tried to hunt down the killer in the famous Amanda Duffy murder trial, have said that the jury members got it wrong.

The chief forensic scientist and lead detective have said that there was more evidence to convict the lead suspect, and should have been able to prove it in the 24-year-old court case.

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