In his blog, Steve Tobak (BNET) says that, "One thing most bad managers have in common is they’re not consciously aware that they’re bad managers."  

He goes on to say that even if you have no doubts about your management abilities, it might be wise to take a moment of introspection to see if any of these Seven Signs You May Be a Bad Manager could apply to you.

  1. Your group is underperforming.
  2. Your manager is turning up the heat. When a good senior manager thinks there may be a problem with a subordinate manager, he’ll inevitably turn up the heat and see what happens.
  3. Allies are distancing themselves from you.
  4. You’re behaving like more of a jerk than usual. You may be in conscious denial about being a crappy boss, but on some level, you’re probably aware of it.
  5. Your decision-making is compromised. One of the most visible signs of poor management is poor decision making. 
  6. Your personal relationships stink. Dysfunctional managers are also dysfunctional people. Relationships are relationships, period.
  7. Your employees are miserable.