Blood Alcohol Content by Headspace/Gas Chromatography

Wed, 08/04/2010 - 9:04pm

Learn about the basic theory, practices and parameters involved in blood alcohol analysis. Sample handling, instrumental parameters affecting headspace equilibrium, extraction and injection, matrix effects/matrix modifications and qualitative/quantitative acceptance criterion will be discussed.

Detailed comparisons will be made between several static and dynamic gas phase extraction techniques for volatiles associated with Blood Alcohol Content. Sample introduction to gas chromatography will include direct liquid injection and 3 different types of headspace extraction/injection techniques. Primary emphasis will be made on the technique of balanced pressure equilibrium headspace extraction.


 About the Presenter


Timothy D. Ruppel,  Sr. GC Product Specialist, PerkinElmer 

Mr. Ruppel has been a Senior Product Specialist at PerkinElmer for 25 years where he has assisted customers from a wide array of industries who work on applications and method development related to gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.
Prior to joining PerkinElmer, Inc. Mr. Ruppel worked for 12 years as a law enforcement officer in several capacities including: uniformed patrol, crime scene investigation, drug and narcotic investigations, death investigations and laboratory analysis of physical evidence where he focused on drug identification, forensic toxicology, trace evidence analysis and arson analysis. 
Mr. Ruppel holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Michigan State, majoring in Criminal Justice and Chemistry and specializing in Forensic Chemistry.

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