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Belkasoft Evidence Center 7.1


In the newest release of Belkasoft Evidence Center, the ability to process, parse, and extract information stored in binary dumps of Windows Phone devices captured with JTAG or Cellebrite UFED hardware has been added. You can fully reconstruct the original file system of the device, allowing experts to browse through the file system and view and extract individual files and folders.

Device Seizure 7

Paraben Corporation

DS 7 is a mobile forensics tool that supports 100% of smartphone operating systems (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, & Symbian) as well as thousands of feature phones, tablets, eReaders, & GPS devices. It includes logical & physical extraction support and password bypassing in one tool. Data and app parsing make analyzing user data simple.

P2 Commander 4

Paraben Corporation

P2C is a comprehensive digital investigation tool with over ten years of court-approved use by forensic examiners. An integrated database and true multi-threading mean faster processing. P2C was built on Paraben's trusted email examination tools for unparalleled network email and personal email archive analysis. Advanced features like Data Triage analysis, 


Purified Enzymatic Formula

Abalonase is a purified enzymatic formula that has been designed to quickly hydrolyze conjugated drug metabolites in human samples within minutes. The solution helps laboratories achieve higher and faster recoveries, increase throughput, reduce sample preparation times, get cleaner results and protect their columns and equipment.

Ductless Hoods

High Tech Crime Institute Group

HEMCO CleanAire II Ductless Hoods available in 24”, 30”, 35”, and 47” models. They are designed to meet DH I requirements as defined by SEFA 9. Features a built-in carbon filtration system to adsorb non-toxic fumes and odors. The hood is equipped with an integral blower, vapor proof light, fan and light switches. 

Crime Scene Evidence Marker App

Three Apps for IOS including Crime Scene Evidence Marker, Crime Scene Photo ID Card and Blood Spatter Angle Calculator.

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