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Cloud-based Forensics

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 9:53am
CyanLine's computer forensic imaging system, FDAS, now enables “cloud-based forensics.” With the addition of network capability, FDAS can transmit directly to a secure SANS environment to allow investigators to collaborate on evidentiary images.
Police departments are burdened with having to copy images to media at the request of attorney’s from on both sides. FDAS allows images to be copied to a SANS directly from the field, bypassing the need to handle, manage and store physical drives.
FDAS was designed to rapidly image disks by using RAID disks inside a closed unit. Analysts can remotely review the image that is on FDAS, or the image can be copied from the source drive directly onto a SANS via FDAS and bypass our internal storage.
Cloud-based forensics eliminate the need for an investigator to begin the collection process, pause it, then plug in the drive to a different computer, just to see if they were even collecting the right data. Investigators can see the forensic image in real-time, and the network can already be set up, saving time, money and stress over producing forensically sound images.

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