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Professional CSI Photography Scale Set

July 29, 2015 | Scenesafe, Ltd.

Scaling has been a conditional task required for court room exhibition of a photograph to be used as evidential material for decades. It has been an age old issue for Crime Scene Investigators with inaccurate calibration, poor scale detail and inadequate quality. 

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Three Foot LED Drop Light

July 30, 2015 10:45 am | by Larson Electronics LLC

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has revealed a new design for their three foot 14 watt LED drop light equipped with a fifty foot cord terminated in an optional cord cap. 

ELISA Screening Test

July 23, 2015 4:44 pm | Neogen Corporation

Neogen has introduced an ELISA screening test that offers ultra-sensitive detection of synthetic cathinones, including methcathinone, methylone and mephedrone, and their metabolites. These drugs are commonly marketed as “bath salts” or “plant food.” 

Hands-Free Pass Through

July 23, 2015 9:22 am | Terra Universal

Terra Universal introduces a hands-free pass-through with automatic swing door that opens with the wave of a hand. Use it to avoid direct contact of hands, maintaining the strict level of cleanliness in your laboratory. 


Document Imaging Workstation

July 21, 2015 9:15 am | Foster & Freeman

Foster + Freeman Ltd have launched the VSC8000 document imaging workstation, a new flagship Video Spectral Comparator for the comprehensive examination of all questioned documents. The workstation provides powerful facilities for the interrogation of documents including passports, travel and identity documents, banknotes, checks, official letters and breeder documents, as well as works of art and other valuable artifacts.

Belkasoft Evidence Center 7.3

July 17, 2015 3:34 pm | Belkasoft

Belkasoft updates Belkasoft Evidence Center, the company’s flagship digital forensic solution, to version 7.3. The new release comes with significant improvements to file carving and SQLite analysis algorithms as well as the search engine. 


Glove Dispenser

July 17, 2015 8:39 am | Terra Universal

Terra Universal announces a new, cleaner design of their BioSafe Glove Dispensers. The easy-to-clean back-mounted dispensers are designed to hinder microbial growth and minimize the accumulation of particles.

Explosion Proof String Lights

July 16, 2015 11:03 am | by Larson Electronics LLC

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics reveals their Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof string lights with a portable power transformer, which inverts high voltage input to low voltage output for powering the hand lamps. 

PVC Acid Digestion Fume Hood

July 15, 2015 8:20 am | HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO's PVC Acid Digestion Fume Hood is engineered specifically for extremely corrosive operations involving dissolution procedures for element analysis. UniFlow Acid Digestion Hoods feature a totally chemical resistant hood construction with a welded one piece PVC interior fume chamber including hood walls, ceiling, worksuface, and rear drain trough.


Multi-Lite LED Forensic Inspection Kit

July 9, 2015 12:14 pm | Spectronics Corporation

The Spectroline OFK-8000A OPTIMAX Multi-Lite LED Forensic Inspection Kit features a cordless, rechargeable flashlight with eight Quik-Connect interchangeable LED heads. They each have an internal dome lens that ensures optimum light uniformity.


July 2, 2015 12:06 pm | Terra Universal

Terra Universal introduces a plastic desiccator that provides automated humidity control. Terra’s Smart humidity control module, sensor and safety relief/bleed (RB) valve provide a positive-pressure environment that automatically maintains low-humidity. 

Temporary Tunnel String Light Set

July 1, 2015 12:58 pm | by Larson Electronics LLC

Supplier of explosion proof lighting equipment Larson Electronics has released a temporary tunnel string light set that is designed for high output illumination and daisy chain connections across a total length of 510’ away from the power source. 

LED Skid Mount Light Mast

June 30, 2015 2:23 pm | by Larson Electronics LLC

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has released a 1600 watt skid mount five stage light mast. This tower features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head, and a cube frame with skid pockets with 4-corner pick eyes for easy transportation. 

Nitrogen Generator

June 29, 2015 8:24 am | Terra Universal

Terra Universal, the leader in cleanrooms and controlled-environment equipment, offers nitrogen generators that feature a state-of-the-art hollow-fiber membrane, producing dry nitrogen up to 99.5% pure. Choose among three sizes and four flow ranges to make these in-house nitrogen generators suitable for almost any sized laboratory storage or process application. 

Device Seizure v7.1

June 18, 2015 8:45 am | by Paraben Corporation | Paraben Corporation

Paraben has released DS v7.1. This new version added many major new features. Like, Malware Detection: Suspicious application detection basing on permission analysis for Android devices, Tizen device support and Android Wear support.


Online Tool to Identify Synthetic Cannabinoids

June 17, 2015 9:40 am | Cayman Chemical Company

Cayman Chemical has released an online tool to explore structural similarities of synthetic cannabinoids. This tool is intended for forensic chemists and law enforcement to aid in the fight against designer drugs. 


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