Protecting Workers from Skin Allergies

Submitted by mcassidy on

Adverse reactions to single-use glove products in Life Sciences environments are generally classified into three distinct allergy types: immediate hypersensitivity (Type I), delayed hypersensitivity (Type IV), and irritant contact dermatitis. This whitepaper reviews the causes of these allergies, their symptoms, and glove solutions that are available to help prevent allergic reactions.

Validation and Incorporation of RapidHIT Technology into Routine Forensic DNA Casework

Submitted by btomasino on

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) acquired a RapidHIT instrument, which can produce a DNA profile in two hours, in December 2013. The lab uses this technology to generate automated sample-to-answer STR-based human identification for use in forensic DNA casework. Typical casework would include buccal swabs from suspects, in addition to evidence swabs and cuttings for lead investigation purposes. This white paper will describe the validation and incorporation of this Rapid DNA technology into their forensic casework.


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