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Juvenile Lifers to Get Chance for Resentencing?

October 13, 2015 10:13 am | by Dana DiFilippo, Daily News | Comments

The convicted killers who left Philadelphia for a life behind bars as teenagers are as different as the details of their crimes.


Apple Removes Several Apps That Could Spy on Encrypted Traffic

October 12, 2015 10:32 am | by Dan Goodin, Ars Technica | Comments

Apple has purged its iOS App Store of several titles that it said had the ability to compromise encrypted connections between end users and the servers they connect to. The company advised users to uninstall the apps from their iPhones and iPads to prevent potentially harmful monitoring, but it has yet to name any of the offending titles.


Oxford Police Demonstrates 3-D Crime Scene Mapping

October 12, 2015 10:26 am | by Zach Tyler, Anniston Star | Comments

Lt. Don Ridley held the T-shaped device, pointing it toward a reporter standing in a conference room at the Oxford Police Department station on Wednesday. “As far as we know, this does not cause cancer,” Ridley joked, as the device — a laser-emitting scanner — silently did its work.


Body Cam Footage Clears Cops in Cleveland Shooting Death

October 12, 2015 10:20 am | by David Kravets, Ars Technica | Comments

This surveillance technology also captures officers who, in the words of a local Cleveland county prosecutor, have acted with "remarkable restraint." In this instance, body cam footage of several Cleveland patrol officers shows them doing everything they could to convince a man to put down his weapon.


Justice Department Awards More Than $29 Million To Forensic Science R&D

October 12, 2015 10:12 am | by Department of Justice | Comments

The Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice (NIJ) announced that it has awarded more than $29 million in research and development funding to over 60 recipients who proposed work designed to strengthen forensic science and advance criminal justice policy and practice.


Remains of British Pilot Identified Through DNA Testing

October 12, 2015 10:03 am | by Associated Press | Comments

DNA testing has confirmed that remains found after a plane went missing off the southeast coast of Florida belong to a missing British pilot.


Blood Chemical Changes Could Determine Time of Death

October 9, 2015 1:50 pm | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | Comments

Forensic science researchers continue to look at post-mortem changes to find new ways to estimate time of death. A Portuguese team is now looking at the blood’s chemistry to understand the changes that happen after death, and potentially detail the time of death up to 11 days, according to a study in the journal Toxicology Research.


The Dark Side of DNA Databases

October 8, 2015 11:57 am | by Erin E. Murphy | Comments

In 2001, an analyst in the DNA unit of Arizona’s state crime laboratory noticed something interesting. Two seemingly unrelated individuals—one white and one black—shared the same two markers at nine of the 13 places in the standard DNA profile. Yet that particular genetic profile should have been exceedingly rare.


Review of Old Forensic Hair Cases Begins

October 8, 2015 11:50 am | by WCVB 5 | Comments

Massachusetts State Police began reviewing cases where its crime lab analysts conducted the kind of pre-DNA forensic hair analysis that has since been widely discredited, a review that parallels one by the FBI that has already led to wrongful convictions being reversed.


Clinton Server Hack Attempts Came From China, Korea, Germany

October 8, 2015 11:46 am | by Ken Dilanian, Associated Press | Comments

Hillary Rodham Clinton's private email server, containing an electronic inventory of some 55,000 pages of emails from her stint as secretary of state, was repeatedly hit by attempted cyberattacks originating in China, South Korea and Germany in 2014, according to a congressional document obtained by The Associated Press.


Convicted by Code

October 8, 2015 11:41 am | by Rebecca Wexler, Slate | Comments

It’s time to address one of the most urgent if overlooked tech transparency issues—secret code in the criminal justice system.


Cisco Shuts Down Million-Dollar Ransomware Operation

October 7, 2015 12:40 pm | by Dan Goodin, Ars Technica | Comments

Security researchers have disrupted an online criminal operation they estimated drew $30 million per year pushing ransomware on unsuspecting people browsing the Internet.


FAA Proposes $1.9 Million Fine After Company Flew Drones Over New York, Chicago

October 7, 2015 12:34 pm | by Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica | Comments

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a fine of $1.9 million—the largest civil penalty ever against a drone company—to punish an aerial photography firm that took pictures above Chicago and New York.


Forensic Backlog Threaten Speedy Trial Rights

October 7, 2015 10:21 am | by WAFF 48 | Comments

Guilty or innocent, some people are remaining locked up for over a year waiting to go to trial because prosecutors can't take these cases to court without having evidence and autopsies processed.


Trump Hotels Infected With Malware

October 6, 2015 1:02 pm | by Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica | Comments

In an announcement on the chain's website, the Trump Hotel Collection informed its customers that their credit card data may have been stolen through malware installed on its payment systems. The malware apparently was active at a number of Trump hotels for over a year.



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