Fingerprints of World’s Most Wanted Terrorist Lifted in Belgium

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 12:47pm
Sean Allocca, Editor

Salah Abdeslam(Belgian Federal Police via AP)UPDATE - 3/18 1:30: Multiple news agencies are reporting the capture of Salah Abdelsam. He is said to be wounded, but alive.


UPDATE - 3/18 12:34: Another raid on an apartment in Belgium took place Friday, around noon, and has been confirmed by French officials. The Associated Press has confirmed that the raid is in connection with the Paris attacks, according to French President Francois Hollande, but he could not comment further on the ongoing operations.


In the aftermath of a police raid on a Brussels apartment that left one alleged terrorist dead, on Tuesday, authorities might have found some of the most significant evidence in the search to find one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

Authorities believe they have recovered fingerprints from fugitive Salah Abdeslam, a leader in the Paris attacks, last November, that killed 130 people.

Belgian federal prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt confirmed the fingerprints to the AP, but it is not yet known whether Abdeslam was one of the men who fled the apartment during the raid Tuesday.

One man was killed during the raid as he fired on police, while two other people escaped, according to the AP.

Media reports have also suggested, evidence recovery teams secured DNA from Abdeslam, although that has not been confirmed.

Van der Sypt said he does not know when the fingerprints were left at the apartment, only that Abdeslam was at the apartment from some duration of time.

The Associated Press contributed to this reporting.



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