Require Good Housekeeping

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 8:26pm

Good housekeeping is one of the foundations of good safety practice. When people are trained to clean-up and put things away as soon as they are done using them, their work areas are safer, more spacious, and more productive. From the condition of some chemistry laboratories, you would think that this critical lesson had never existed let alone been heard. It's so basic that it's part of the world's simplest safety policy: Work safely, Clean-up, and get results.

Some people think they can save time and get more done by allowing things to pile up and get cleaned-up later. They are sadly mistaken and laying the foundation for a serious accident or injury.

Dr. James A. Kaufman is the founder and president of The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) – an international, non-profit center for safety in science and science education. LSI provides workshops, seminars, onsite training programs, lab safety program development consultations, facilities inspections and regulatory compliance assistance. Contact LSI with all your lab safety questions: 800-647-1977 or



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